About Us

Northern Ireland Weightlifting (NIWL) is the governing body dedicated to the development, and promotion of weightlifting in Northern Ireland. Established to encourage participation and excellence in the sport, NIWL aims to provide support, resources, and opportunities for athletes, coaches, and clubs across the region.

NIWL is committed to fostering a thriving weightlifting community through multiple avenues:

NIWL provides pathways for athletes of all levels, from grassroots beginners to elite competitors. Through training programs, coaching support, and competitive opportunities, NIWL nurtures talent and helps athletes reach their full potential.

NIWL organises  weightlifting competitions and events across Northern Ireland for youth, seniors and masters age group. These events provide athletes with opportunities to test their skills, set personal records, and qualify for national, and international competitions.

NIWL supports the development of high-performance athletes with the potential to represent Northern Ireland at national and international levels. Through assistance with training programs, competition support, and support for local coaches, NIWL aims to elevate the standard of weightlifting in the region.

Overall, Northern Ireland Weightlifting plays a vital role in nurturing talent, fostering excellence, and promoting the sport of weightlifting throughout Northern Ireland. By providing support, resources, and opportunities, NIWL enables individuals of all ages and backgrounds to pursue their passion for weightlifting and achieve their goals.