Official Rules and Regulations

The Weigh-Ins

Prior to commencing any lifting activities, athletes must undergo a weigh-in to record their actual body weight, which determines their placement within one of the eight weight categories for competition. Please refer to the links below to identify the category that corresponds to your weight:



Attempting lifts

Athletes will have three opportunities to achieve their highest lift in both the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk. The Snatch is the initial lift, with the barbell loaded on the platform according to weight progression. This ensures that athletes lifting the lowest weight attempt first.

During the attempts, athletes must declare the weight they intend to lift next, with any weight increase required to be a minimum of 1kg. Athletes are allotted 1 minute for each lift, extending to 2 minutes for consecutive attempts.

Following all athletes’ three attempts in the Snatch, there is a brief intermission before the process repeats for the Clean & Jerk.


Three referees oversee the athletes’ lifting attempts, each equipped with a control box featuring two buttons: one white and one red. The white button signifies a “Good” lift, while the red button indicates a fault observed during the execution, resulting in a “No Lift” decision.

A majority agreement among the referees is necessary to determine the outcome of a lift as either “Good” or “No Lift.” For instance, if two referees signal a “Good” lift with the white button and the third referee presses the red button, the majority decision stands.

Please be aware of the updated rule regarding the placement of feet in relation to the bar. A “No Lift” verdict will be rendered if an athlete uses their foot to manipulate the bar before or after the attempt, or if they place their foot on the bar or plates. This rule is primarily for hygiene purposes, as dirty shoes may cause scratches on the athlete’s neck during the lift. The technical official must press the red button to indicate a “No Lift.”


An athlete’s score is determined by adding their best successful lifts from both the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk. The competition’s victor is the athlete with the highest combined total.

In the event of a tie between two lifters, the lifter who attained the total first is declared the winner, meaning the lifter with the lowest clean and jerk weight. If their clean and jerk weights are the same, then the lifter who reached the total in the fewest number of lifts will be declared the winner.